How do you clean them?

Vacuum and mop the flooring, as necessary, with a mild detergent, such as soap, in the traditional way. If it is possible to rinse down the floor, that’s also fine. Golv tiles can also tolerate most chemicals, if necessary.

Retail Solution


Do you want to look different? They speak for themselves. Our Premium in the purest white.
Wouldn’t you agree that the flooring can simply make the whole atmosphere?
Want to know more about the project? Or perhaps you are busy thinking in new direction of your own? You are very welcome to email us so we can discuss your next project.

The Mobile Floor


In just a few hours you can build up a special setting completely with our floors. A stand at a fair, an exhibition (and you can even use our floors on the walls!) Or in a racing depot, or why not at a sporting event in the middle of town?
And you can take the floor up again just as quickly as you can lay it. Of course, it can be used again and again and again…



“Playing on our golv tiles”

A new tennis court in just a few hours. Or a perfect floor for basketball, indoor bandy or any other kind of sport.
It has that springy feel. Indoors or out, it doesn’t matter. Our flooring can withstand both or either.
We already have most parts of the world under our feet. Or what about several hundred tennis courts?
You can lay our floors without glue, screws or nails. All you need is a rubber mallet, a yardstick and a saw..

The Non Glue Installation


You do not need glue or special tools to put your golv floor. All you need is a rubber hammer and if necessary a yardstick and saw.
1st. Start in a corner, see Fig. Remember to always turn the loops in the same direction.
2nd. Fix the connection pins of the loops and combine them with the distinct type with a rubber hammer.
3rd. Done.

A really green floor


“Everything is Recyclable, Even the Packaging”

All our floors are recyclable. Our thinking is green all through the process, from the raw material (polypropylene) to the packaging. All our packaging is cardboard, which is easily reclaimable.

Even the way our floors are laid is environment friendly: no glue is needed, and there are no nails or screws.



Is there any tougher environment than a ship’s deck?
We can hardly imagine one. Sun, heat, water, salt, wind low and high temperatures. All of them combined.
We have helped ship owners and boat owners with a safe solution for indoor and ourdoor use of our floors.
So why do people choose our floors? Because of the combination of durability, function (and sometimes the non-slip properties) and design.