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Are the tiles affected by leaking petrol/oil/solvent?

If you should accidentally lose a small object down between the gaps, is it possible to loosen just the section where the object fell or do you need to start in one corner and then remove maybe as much as half the floor to get to the right section?

Can the tiles cope with a car being lifted on a garage jack or being up on blocks?

What is the difference between Premium and Royal and what’s best for a garage?

Does the flooring get slippery when snowed on?

When are expansion strips needed?

Is standing and working on Golv tiles ergonomically sound?

Can Royal and Excellence be combined?

Can the different coloured tiles be combined?

My cellar floor is damp. Can I lay Floor tiles on it?

Is it simple to take up the flooring, if necessary?

What preliminary work do I need to do before laying Golv tiles?

Does the surface underneath need to be level to lay Golv tiles?

Write to all our floors are for private garage where you drive straight in and straight out without twisting wheels. But System1 proudukterna (Royal / Premium) is recommended for larger areas and tougher environment where you have to change the wheels on the ground (eg car showroom).

What type of saw should I use?

What tools do I need to lay Golv tiles?

How long will my Golv flooring last?

Do I need to take up my Golv flooring over the winter?